Further training for dentists and dental technicians: The Munich splint concept

Münchener Schienenkonzept, Otto Prandtner, rezotto production


Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff, PD Dr. Jan-Frederik Güth, MDT Josef Schweiger



Course Date:

13. March 2020 -
14. March 2020

A training lecture for dentists and dental technicians introducing the “munich splint concept”

Title: The Munich splint concept

Date: 13./14. March 2020/ Please send an e-mail to

course@rezottoproduction.com with the subject: Course 2

With the Munich splint concept, the pre-treatment of complex prosthetic cases using splints in tooth colour and shape is predictable and comfortable.

Get to know the advantages of the Munich splint concept – preferably in a team – with your dentist/dental technician. The focus is on the precise coordination of laboratory and clinical steps in a proven strategy for solving complex cases. Based on patient cases, the course offers a synchronized STEP-BY-STEP procedure for the practice and the laboratory with a special focus on “hands-on”.

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