Follow our patients’ individual stories for an interactive learning experience to learn more about modern possibilities in esthetic dentistry.

Zirconia Ceramic Restoration for Partial Anodontia Treatment- Alina’s Story

Full mouth zirconia ceramic restorations for a patient with partial anodontia

This story describes a full-arch rehabilitation of a young patient suffering from dental agenesis. The treatment has compensated for the reduced vertical dimension of occlusion thus restoring both esthetics and function at a minimal biological cost. This requires precise planning and maximum patient compliance during the preprosthetic phase.

Restoration of Worn Teeth with Ceramic Veneers & Onlays – Kathrin’s Story

How to plan and create a minimally invasive ceramic veneer and onlay preparation for worn teeth.

A young patient was complaining about the appearance of her smile. She presented worn dentition, extremely increased sensitivity to temperature (hot/ cold food and drinks), and symptoms in static and dynamic occlusion. Watch this step-by-step preparation and rehabilitation of her anterior and posterior teeth.

Sofortimplantat – CAD/CAM unterstützte Implantologie – Nadia’s Story

Warum ein wurzelanaloges Sofortimplantat? - Erhalt der Gewebestrukturen und Reduktion der Anzahl chirurgischer Eingriffe

Mit der Sofortimplantation hat sich im ästhetischen Bereich ein mögliches Verfahren etabliert, um einerseits die periimplantären Gewebestrukturen zu erhalten und andererseits die Anzahl chirurgischer Eingriffe zu reduzieren. Sofortimplantation mit einem wurzelanalogen Hybridimplantat.