Partial Anodontia Treatment – Alina’s Dental Story

Dental Restoration

Watch this step by step demonstration to see how our patient with partial anodontia transformed her smile without the help of implant surgery

Full-arch rehabilitation of  young patients suffering from dental agenesis dental implants may not be the right choice . This especially includes patients under age of 25.

Orthodontist: Prof. Andrea Wichelhaus, Alexander Keller,

Restorative Team: Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour, MDT  Otto Prandtner

Zirconia CAD/CAM Technology

Step by step pre-treatment of a full contour bridge

It is the first zirconia with inherent  tooth-like fluorescence  similar to high esthetic full-contour crown and bridge cases.

High translucency optimized for full-contour anterior and posterior restorations.

Excellent shade match to VITA® Classic shades with unique shading technology and built-in shade gradient.

Step by Step Monolithic Zirconia

Lava Esthetic with MIYO Glaze

MiYO® Esthetic System is a replacement for existing stain and glaze process therefore, it’s a simple and easy way to match shades and get the depth and translucency needed on monolithic or cutback crowns.

An alternative and efficient way to create highly characterized restorations that rival esthetics typically only seen with hand-layered restorations.

Optimized for Use with: Lava Esthetic Fluorescent Full Contour Zirconia and Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia.



Step by Step Minimal Build-Up

Lava Plus with InSync ZR

The InSync ceramic system provides the ability to create depth and value with a simple systematic approach, setting the ground work to expand our palate of colors and sync our work with what nature has defined for us.

Optimized for Use with 3M ESPE Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia.

Dental Restoration Visual

Watch more about the systematic development of dental esthetics

In conclusion, InSync Layering Ceramic it will help you to achieve unparalleled esthetics and perfect shade reproduction easier, faster and more affordably.


Dental restoration training with MiYO® Esthetic System

Watch more about the Systematic development of dental esthetics.

MiYO® offers a completely new approach to esthetics. The patent pending MiYO® Esthetic System gives technicians the ability to easily create esthetic restorations that rival natural teeth in an ultra-thin layer. MiYO currently works with all zirconia and lithium disilicate materials and is easy to integrate into any lab workflow