Diastema closure with porcelain veneers – Mauro ́s Story

Esthetic dentistry - diastema closure

Define your goals before you design a CURE

Maxillary interincisor diastema may interfere with the patient’s personal esthetic imagination by compromising the dentofacial harmony and may also provoke dyslalia.

Midline diastema is frequently reported as a malocclusion.

To start with, an orthodontic diastema closure treatment seems to be the perfect solution. However, long-term stability is in general very difficult to achieve in the anterior region. More importantly, it frequently causes the problem of a relapse incidence after orthodontic treatment.

There are also some additional problems the patient is unlikely aware of prior to the orthodontic treatment. These relate to the use of a retainer throughout a patient’s lifetime, which is recommended by the orthodontist.

The retainer can cause:

  • Hygiene Proplems (Caries)
  • Periodontal Problems 
  • Discomfort
  • Phonetic Problems

Owing to the fact that a midline diastema is easily visible, anterior spaces are one of the most important reasons why patients look for long-lasting stable treatment outcomes. With this intention, we demonstrate a restorative dentistry training video to describe a patient type and energy oriented therapeutic mock-up for a diastema closure treatment with porcelain veneers.

Treatment Team: Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour, MDT Otto Prandtner

Diastema Closure

Patient Type and Energy assessment

It is not art to make what the patient is asking for. It is art to make what the patient really wants!

Every patient is unique and therefore every dental treatment must be unique too. Finding the right esthetic restoration is not only about achieving the most perfect results, but matching the results to the patients type and energy. While most patients would assume, that creating the most symmetrical and „perfect“ teeth would make them happy, they often find that the smile doesn’t match their personality. 

Our solution: By analyzing what type of person our patients are – whether they smile and laugh a lot, are more reserved or tilt their head a lot for example – we make sure, that the treatment fits and ensure a minimally invasive procedure. For Mauro we used this method to determine the suitable appearance of his porcelain veneers in the anterior region for his diastema closure treatment.

A tutorial for the body language analysis is coming in 2020!

Dental Restoration Step by Step

Backward Planning Redefined

Type and Energy assessment guideline.
Innovative approach in the rehabilitation of complex cases!

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. – Jonathan Swift

We always test all your ideas (vision) first in one or multiple mock-up’s before we make any material or preparation decisions.

„The patient creates the restoration“ is our philosophy. We assist with idea’s, science and abstract presentations. This will create an innovative knowledge for the patient-oriented esthetic dental restoration.

This slide presents the red line in a patient oriented planning with type analysis and patient energy analysis.

Patients should be properly evaluated, correctly diagnosed, and carefully monitored, especially regarding the etiology of a tooth/teeth. When the esthetic and or functional consequences affect a patient’s quality of life, use of a wax-up and mock-up to guide the treatment steps ensures the application of a minimally invasive approach and the achievement of a predictable and satisfactory result.

“Emotions and beliefs are masters, reason their servant. Ignore emotion, and reason slumbers; trigger emotion, and reason comes rushing to help.”– Henry M. Boettinger

Veneer Mock-up

Achieving the best esthetic results through trial and error - the Mock-up.

Esthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry is mainly a question of taste and something in general. It often creates an indifference or a lack of interest to the patient and the reality in which they live.

Our goal is to understand the patient better through the mock-up try in’s.

After carefully analyzing our patient we proceeded with the dental Mock-up of his veneers. 

For the first Mock-up try-in we used the MATRIX Form 60 silicone curing putty by anaxDENT which we surrounded with the MATRIX Form 85 for more stability. These materials we used in combination with the Visco 3 for the first try-in. 

For a more permanent solution we relied on the Flow Kit by anaxDENT with the light-curing material Matrix Flow 70 clear. We surrounded the clear material with a DURAN® foil which allows the dental technician to make minor or even bigger subsequent adjustments on the wax-up. An additional advantage of light-curing is that you can use any composite material. For our mock-up you can tell, that even under polarized light the esthetic results are fantastic. 

Diastema closure - The patient's experience

Find out, how our patient Mauro experienced his esthetic diastema closure treatment. (Interview in german)

Our patient Mauro was unsatisfied with the appearance of his teeth for a long time and therefore used to hide them when smiling. Watch out post-treatment video interview with him to find out how the diastema closure treatment with porcelain anterior veneers changed his smile.