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CAD/CAM Dentistry - Training

Find videos of innovative CAD/CAM dental treatments and a wide range of educational content on digital dentistry

With the help of sophisticated video productions we are able to showcase the newest technologies and innovative concepts in functional, aesthetic and digital dentistry.

By doing so we are able to demonstrate the treatments in a comprehensive and visually engaging manner for a better understanding.

Dental prosthetics innovation

Occlusal Splints - Analytic wax-up

In general, occlusal splints and other occlusal appliances can be differentiated on the basis of their indications.

Occlusal splints are primarily designed to clinically test a newly defined static and dynamic occlusion.
This will in most cases be preceded by a functional and aesthetic evaluation based on an analytic wax-up.

Article: Pretreatment concepts for a new vertical dimension of occlusion .

Dental restoration Technology

Digital Dentistry - Scanning the Casts

The master casts are representing the baseline

The baseline situation as well as the duplicate casts of the diagnostic wax-ups were poured in dental stone and scanned.

Dental prosthetics Training - the munich splint concept

Cad/Cam Munich Splint concept

Innovative CAD/CAM dental treatments accompanied with a patient story's are coming soon.



Dental prosthetics Training

CAD Design of Occlusal Splints

Positioning of the CAD constructions in the milling blank and calculation of the tool passes by CAM software

For better control, the original diagnostic model can be loaded as a “general visualization” model at this point. This will feature a semi- transparent representation of the “thermoforming material model” that clearly highlights the exact contours of the gingival margin.


CAD/CAM training Munich

Digital Dentistry - CAM Dental Milling

Procedure without water application

Dental Restoration Munich

Aesthetic fine-tuning

Slight individualization of the splints with Optiglaze Color

Fortbildung für Zahnärzte und Zahntechniker in München

Das Münchener Schienenkonzept
Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff
PD Dr. Jan-Frederik Güth
M.Sc. Josef Schweiger

Lernen Sie am besten im Team, die Vorteile des Münchener Schienenkonzeptes kennen. Dabei steht die genaue Abstimmung von labortechnischen und klinischen Schritten in einer erprobten Strategie zur Lösung von komplexen Fällen im Vordergrund.

Der Kurs bietet anhand von Patientenfällen ein synchronisiertes STEP-BY-STEP Vorgehen für die Praxis und das Labor mit einem besonderen Fokus auf „hands-on“.

Wir freuen uns Sie zu unserem zweitägigen Kurs in München begrüßen zu dürfen!

Münchner Schiene, Otto Prandtner, rezotto production

Speech-language pathology

Redefining the occlusal plane location through
evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders

Speech and voice disorders as well as swallowing disorders play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of the new occlusal plane.

The occlusal plane location affects speech, masticatory function, smile aesthetics and comfortable neuro-musculature therefore, we need a test drive.

Digital Dentistry - Polycarbonat Splint

Test-drive on telescope technology

Function and aesthetics of the existing denture needed improvement. Therefore, the Polycarbonat Splint is a simple reliable tool for the test-drive.