Immediate Dental Implant for a Single Tooth Replacement- Tom’s Story

Immediate Dental Implant with Replicate Tooth System

Exploring new dental implant technology - A single tooth replacement option

This pilot study was performed to explore an innovative approach of single tooth replacement. Using a custom-fabricated, root-analog, hybrid dental implant in the esthetic zone to avoid the microgap and micromovements between the implant and abutment.

Keywords: immediate implant insertion, immediate dental implant, microgap, patient-individual implant design, root-analog hybrid implant, single-tooth replacement

Conventional vs. new Dental Implant Technology

Comparing new dental implant technology with conventional implantology

After a tooth is extracted the socket and surrounding tissues undergo remodeling. The use of a root-shaped tooth analog dental implant might be in selected cases a viable alternative to current threaded cylindrical and cone-shaped implants. The new concept avoids the microgap between the implant and the abutment therefore reducing  the trauma to the tissue and bone. This process leads to soft tissue and bone alterations that can compromise the placement of an implant and the final esthetic of the surrounding tissues. To overcome this limitation and reduce the remodeling, immediate dental implants are commonly indicated. Additionally it minimizes treatment time, the number of surgical interventions and the overall costs.


Single tooth replacement - Step-by-Step Guide

Immediate single tooth replacement - Planning the workflow for the Replicate Tooth System

The process requires capturing accurate root geometry through combined computer-aided design/computer- assisted manufacturing  and a three-dimensional visualization digital volume tomography of the tooth in situ. Watch the Video…