Veneers & Onlays- Kathrin’s Story

Esthetic dentistry

Patient oriented planning with minimal invasive veneer preparation for a functional smile transformation

Tooth wear is generally a physiological process. However, it can also be a pathological condition associated with attrition, abrasion, and erosion processes in which the quantity of tooth loss often causes functional problems, symptoms of discomfort/pain. This condition frequently needs restorative treatment combined with an increase in the vertical dimension of occlusion.

Treatment Team: Dentist: Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour, MDT: Otto Prandtner, Prof. Daniel Edelhoff



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Article of Kathrin's Story

Biomimetic dentistry

Capture patient's type and energy

The patient-calibrated and patient-oriented treatment prior preparation

Mock-ups were used to refine the planned vertical dimension of occlusion in a dynamic state using the speech method, whereby any occlusal contact detected during speech. A mock-up try-in was performed several times to capture the patient type and energy. With the complete restorative team discussing and noting all necessary corrections, including video and photographic adjustments of function and esthetics were made.

Biomimetic dentistry

Step-by-Step Occlusal Onlay Preparation with Prof. Edelhoff

Indications for the Preparation of occlusal onlays is:
• for the therapy of carious teeth
• for the treatment of premolars and molars damaged by bruxism and/or biocorrosion

• to restore the occlusion


Biomimetic dentistry 2

Preparation of Anterior Veneer Step-by-Step

Ceramic veneers have developed into a serious treatment alternative  to the classic far more invasive restorative approaches.

Minimally invasive preparations, such as those for veneers, place higher demands on practitioner’s skills than far more invasive full-crown preparations. On one hand, the preservation of tooth enamel under the veneer is an essential factor that determines the success of the treatment. On the other hand, a more invasive preparation for the veneer offers the dental technician greater freedom of design.

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