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Dentistry Course: Minimally Invasive Treatment Concepts, August 2020

Restorative dental treatment with a field-tested minimally invasive therapy concept

Title: 5-day course: From patient-individual team planning to the final restoration with Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour & MDT Otto Prandtner

(Dental training for complex restorative dental treatments)

Where: Dental care centre: The Rosenheim

When: August 2020 (sold out)

The aim of this comprehensive course is to provide participants with all the necessary knowledge and skills for the practical execution of complex cases. You will be provided with tried and tested, practical concepts which you can immediately integrate into your daily routine.

First day:

  • Treatment planning according to patient-specific, aesthetic and functional aspects with Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour & MDT Otto Prandtner
  • Detailed facial analysis
  • Evaluation of the patient’s dental identity (calibration)
  • Use of the key elements for treatment success: Analytical wax-up
  • Detailed phonetic and functional mock-up control
  • Suitable occlusion concept for achieving long-term stable restorations
  • Implementation of the planning by means of a team concept involving close cooperation between dentist and dental technician
  • Selection of suitable restorative materials for the final restoration (different indications, how important is the correct choice of material?)

Second day:

  • Temporary restorative options as a testing phase for the final restoration
  • Systematic material-compatible preparation, step-by-step
  • Innovative preparation instruments for veneers and occlusal onlays
  • Impression with practical tips from Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour

Third and fourth day:

  • Colour-Form-Surface and Fantasy – Two day course with MDT Otto Prandtner

Fifth day:

  • Transparent concept for adhesive placement with Dr Reza Saeidi Pour
Course for Dentists and Dental Technician at the EAED Meeting, Otto Prandtner

EAED Meeting 2021 I Lecture – Discovering & Preserving Dental Identity

1st EAED Academy Meeting (European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry), Members and Affiliate only.

Titel: Discovering & Preserving Dental Identity ( Welcome to the Tomorrow of Backward Planning )

Important notice: Due to the current circumstances the EAED Academy Meeting has been postponed to 2021. 

When: 27.May-29.May 2021 at the Sheraton Fuschlsee-Salzburg Hotel Jagdhof Kongresshaus.

Lecture for dental technicians and dentists on how to improve the final dental restoration.

Too often there are visual and emotional tensions between the idea and the wishes of the patient, dentist and dental technician when the final restoration is integrated.

It is no secret to us that the patient, the dentist or the dental technician are smarter at the end of the treatment. As a result from an inconclusive regular Backward Planning the team creates new ideas to improve the final restoration!

Therefore, Backward Planning 2.0 is a comprehensive concept based on a type analysis, a lot of emotion, but also function.

Münchener Schienenkonzept, Otto Prandtner, rezotto production

Further training for dentists and dental technicians: The Munich splint concept

A training lecture for dentists and dental technicians introducing the “munich splint concept”

Title: The Munich splint concept

Speakers: Prof. Dr Daniel Edelhoff – PD Dr Jan-Frederik Güth – ZTM Josef Schweiger

Venue: Munich

Date: 13./14. March 2020/ Please send an e-mail to with the subject: Course 2

With the Munich splint concept, the pre-treatment of complex prosthetic cases using splints in tooth colour and shape is predictable and comfortable.

Get to know the advantages of the Munich splint concept – preferably in a team – with your dentist/dental technician. The focus is on the precise coordination of laboratory and clinical steps in a proven strategy for solving complex cases. Based on patient cases, the course offers a synchronized STEP-BY-STEP procedure for the practice and the laboratory with a special focus on “hands-on”.


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ADT, Dental Course with Otto Prandtner

Annual Conference ADT I Lecture – Recognizing and Preserving Dental Identities

Annual Conference ADT in Nürtingen

Important notice: Due to the current circumstances the ADT Conference has been postponed to 2021. 

NEW Date: 03. – 05. June 2021


Lecture for dental technicians and dentists

The aim of my lecture is to motivate every single active listener to take himself as an example and to recognize the advantages of a type analysis in the field of restorative dentistry. Discover the advantages of a method that gives the dentist and the patient creative freedom to create a smile that guarantees long-term satisfaction.

Unlike a “template smile”, this approach focuses on creating a unique “tooth identity” that matches the type of person being treated and preserves their character.


Zahnmedizin Weiterbildung zur adhäsiven Befestigung, Otto Prandtner, rezotto production

Further education in dentistry: Preparation and adhesive bonding

Title: Preparation and adhesive bonding

Speakers: Prof. Dr Daniel Edelhoff – PD Dr Jan-Frederik Güth

Venue: Munich

Appointment: New dates will follow/ Please send an e-mail to with the subject: Course 3


Preparation and cementation for indirect restorations from modern tooth-coloured restorations. Starting with the veneer, continuing with the classical crown and ending with the occlusion onlay – requires specialist knowledge, which you will acquire and deepen in this course.

In this hands-on course, you will learn how to use new instruments in a minimally invasive and efficient way to prepare teeth using the phantom head, while at the same time conserving tooth substance to the maximum extent possible.

Learn about the basic principles of adequate adhesive bonding and apply them in the Hands on-Part.

In this way you will be able to apply what you have learned directly in everyday clinical practice.


Dr. Michael Berthold

Immediate Implant Course-Center Munich/ Germany

Titel : Innovative Implant treatment concept.

Next course appointment is coming up soon! : Kurs 4

Course will be held in Munich.

The benefit for you: Live surgery with an innovative Implant concept.
We offer a more conservative Implant technique to achieve oral esthetics by reserving tissue architecture for an esthetic treatment.

It will be an innovative presentation of a one time surgery treatment concept.

Participants will learn to determine which clinical situations can be approached.
Current biological design and augmentations requirements will be presented.

How to plan and to perform the surgery.

Post surgery treatment and required patient compliance.

More about the course!

Periodontology Course in Munich, Otto Prandtner, rezotto production

Hürzeler/Zuhr Master Classes in Periodontology and Implant Therapy

Check the Website for a Master Classes in Periodontology and Implant Therapy to become a Hürzeler/Zuhr Master Clinician.

All Master Classes are held at the Hürzeler / Zuhr academy in Munich.

Course Selection:  Microsurgical Training, Periodontology, Implant Therapy, Interdisciplinary Approaches

The establishment of the Hürzeler/Zuhr new center for continuing dental education represents the realization of our longstanding vision to share our knowledge with ambitious dental professionals from around the world.

Live surgery sessions, lectures and most importantly, practical training on different types of models are the main focus of our training classes.

Classes can be booked individually or in series and are suitable for both the novice and seasoned clinician. English is the language of instruction. Videos of the live surgeries will be made available to the participants 14 days after each course.


IFG Fortbildung, Dr. Daniel Edelhoff, Otto Prandtner


Advanced dental training within the framework of the IFG in Hamburg

Speakers: Prof. Edelhoff and MDT Otto Prandtner

Date: 27.Nov.2021

Course contents:
Complex rehabilitations with a change in the vertical dimension of the occlusion pose a particular challenge to the restorative team and require a structured approach to treatment planning and the primary definition of esthetics and function with the active involvement of the patient. Due to the availability of polymer-based CAD/CAM materials, innovative treatment strategies in the pre-treatment phase can be used to conduct a longer “analog” trial run to explore the treatment goal. In each step, the patient remains actively involved and at the centre of the action.
Ziel dieses Team-Kurses ist es, dem Teilnehmer ein einfach umzusetzendes Behandlungskonzeptan die Hand zu geben, das die ästhetischen und funktionellen Grundsätze berücksichtigt und langzeitstabile komplexe Restaurationen gewährleistet.

Who is the course adressed at?

To committed colleagues who would like to deepen their knowledge in the field of modern restorative dentistry with a focus on “complex rehabilitations.

What can you learn in the lecture?

  • Individual patient treatment planning according to aesthetic and functional aspects
  • Use of the key elements for successful treatment: Analytical wax-up and diagnostic template with direct involvement of the patient
  • How do I recognize and how do I work out a creative freedom with the patient?
  • What significance does abstract representation have in communication?
  • How do we manage to develop a structure from many ideas in a team?
  • Implementation of the planning by a team concept in close cooperation of dentist – dental technician – patient
  • Temporary restoration options as a test phase for the final restoration
  • Selection of suitable restorative materials
  • Systematic preparation appropriate to the material
  • Innovative preparation instruments for veneers and occlusion onlays
  • Concept for adhesive integration
  • Occlusion concept

Every course participant is welcome to bring along a patient case with upper and lower jaw models articulated to perform a joint analysis.

Accompanying current offprints summarize the presented course content once again and contain material recommendations as well as valuable tips for the practice.

Date: New dates will follow/ Please send an e-mail to with the title: Course 4