About us – Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour and MDT Otto Prandtner

rezotto production is Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour and MDT Otto Prandtner. Their goal: To create smart, simple and sophisticated interactive experiences in dental training to encourage forward-thinking learning across the globe. This is their concept.


The initial mission of rezotto production was to make our articles come alive for better dental training

In the last years we have put a tremendous effort into publishing evidence-based articles about restorative and esthetic dentistry. However, inquiries concerning these publications came to light when someone needed the exact same case type solution. It is a simple fact that we learn much better when we are emotionally involved. Therefore, we tried to find an answer for that.

We strive to bring our articles alive! How are we doing that? The patient creates the inspiration for the restoration. As a result, we started making videos about individual patient’s stories – aligned with tutorials for the restoration procedures. 

In addition to creating engaging restoration stories, we wanted to provide an easy access to courses about the procedures being shown and to the materials being used. Therefore, you can find a list of dentist and dental technician training courses on our website and additional brochures about the materials and procedures are available for download. 



We share the motivation of great dentists and dental technicians for better dental restoration training

Through this focus, we bring the most powerful tools, emotion and empathy into dentistry! With a visual storytelling communication tool to create reality for better understanding and learning of existing and new evidence-based therapy concepts. If people can see what we’re saying, they’ll understand it. We use visual thinking and smart design to conceptualize your ideas and work procedures clearly and powerfully.


The patient creates the inspiration for the restoration

At first we just wanted to motivate and inspire ourselves. Now we want the same for you! rezotto production provides a platform for innovation and learning.

Who we are

Seeds are the essence for growth! We are collaborative by nature and work closely with great dentists and dental technicians for the patient under an agile development process.

We understand and care about the target group because we are part of it.


Learn more about Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour and MDT Otto Prandtner and their extensive network of collaborating experts!

Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour, co-founder rezotto production

Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour

Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour completed his studies in dentistry at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In addition to his work as a dentist and research assistant at the University of Munich, Reza Saeidi Pour also taught and trained dentistry students there. Further expanding his expertise, he completed the master's degree in dental prosthetics at the University of Greifswald.
Dr. Saeidi Pour specializes in the field of complex aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry, functional diagnostics and functional therapy, as well as minimally invasive and innovative treatment concepts in dental prosthetics and implantology.
Together with dental technician Otto Prandtner, Dr. med. dent. Reza Saeidi Pour founded the dental platform www.rezottoproduction.com. The aim of this platform is to exchange modern and innovative treatment concepts of dentistry worldwide with colleagues. In addition, Dr. Saeidi Pour is author of numerous national and international scientific publications.

MDT Otto Prandtner, co-founder rezotto production

MDT Otto Prandtner

MDT Otto Prandtner's journey started in Austria, where he became a Master Dental Technician in an Oral Design Laboratory. Soon after, in 1999, he moved to Germany to work with Peter Biekert.
From 2002 till 2007 Mr. Prandtner's journey brought him to California, where he worked alongside of Dr. Sheets & Dr. Paquette.
In 2008 Otto Prandtner opened his own dental laboratory in Munich and now works closely together with Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff. In 2011 his lecture was voted "the number one Lecture" at the biggest German Dental Convention ADT. The Lecture Title: "The patient wanted a spectacular smile!"

In 2014 together with other great dental technicians MDT Prandtner established the „Plattform for Finest Dental Technology“ in Munich.
In 2018 him and Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour created the dental video learning company called rezotto production GmbH.
Mr. Prandtner is well known for his intensive patient workshops.

Publications by MDT Otto Prandtner:

In 2017, together with a science group, Otto Prandtner published six PubMed listed articles.
In 2018, together with a science group, Otto Prandtner published five PubMed listed articles.
Article: Partial Anodontia
Article: Ceramic Veneers from Simple to Complex
by Otto Prandtner, MDT, Cherilyn G. Sheets, DDS, Jacinthe M. Paquette, DDS, Jean Wu, DDS

Special International Lectures since 2006:
Team Lecture with Dr. Jacinthe Paquette, Newport Beach California

Arbeitskreis für Ästhetisch-Funktionelle Zahnheilkunde Stuttgart e.V.
Title: Working in a five star dental practice!

2008: Sociedad Española de Implantates Congress Oviedo Spain
Title: Replicating Nature with Implants

2009: Course Instructor at Idea USA, Robert Lamb
Title: Replicating Nature with Implants

2010: Sociedad Española de Implantates Congress Sevilla Spain
Title: Imitando la Naturaleza con Implantes

- Dental Spectrum Meeting Chicago USA
Title: Pleasure must be developed by studying the patient
Lecturers: MDT Otto Prandtner, RDT Hiroki Goto, Prof. Dr. Dr. Jörg R. Strub

- International Education for dental technology, St. Moritz Swiss
Title: Pleasure must be developed, while studying the patient
Lecturers: MDT Otto Prandtner, Dr. med. dent. Peter Randelzhofer, Björn Roland

- Course Instructor at IDEA USA
Title: Replicating Nature with Implants
Instructors at IDEA: MDT Otto Prandtner, Ph.D Dr. Pascal Mange, Michel Mange

- International German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry e.V.
Title: The patient wanted a spectacular smile!
Lecturers: Dr. med. dent. Alessandro Devigus, Prof. Dr. Roland Frankenberger, MDT Otto Prandtner, Dr. Claude Rufenacht

2012 : Jensen Meeting Chicago, USA
Title: Replicating Nature with Implants
Lecturers: Otto Prandtner, Andreas Nolte, Thomas Singh, Jungo Endo

- Course Instructor at Idea USA
Title: Replicating Nature with Implants
Instructors at Idea : MDT Otto Prandtner, Dr. Otto Zuhr, Prof. Fouad Khoury

- Congresso Internationale AIOP Bologna/ ITALY
Veneers and Function
Moderation together with Prof. Dr. Ariel J. Raigrodski for: Dr. Galip Gurel, MDT Michael Bergler, Prof. Dr. Irena Sailer

2014: Team Lecture with Prof. Edelhoff at German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry e.V.
Title: Ästhetisch und funktionelle Gesamtrehabilitation

- First Get-together-Night from Creation Germany
Lecturers: MDT Sascha Hein, MDT Otto Prandtner

- Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontics Annual Meeting Deer Valley /USA
Title : Innovative Approaches in the Rehabilitation of Complex Cases
Lecturers: Dr. Sonia Leziy, Dr. Irena Sailer, Dr. Ariel Raigrodski, MDT Otto Prandtner

- ITI Kongress in Dresden
Title: Zirkonoxid Implants
Lecturers: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Michael Gahlert, MDT Andreas Kunz, MDT Otto Prandtner

- German Society for Implatologie, Bavaria Congress
Lecturers: MDT Otto Prandtner, Dr. Ueli Grunder

- Zahngipfel 2016 Germany

- Colloquium Dental Meeting Nürnberg
Title: What is the most sensitive zone in the modern implantology ?
Lecturers: Otto Prandtner, Josef Schweiger, Naoki Hayashi, R.D.T.

- DGI German Society for Implatologie Hamburg Congress,
Title: Keramikimplantate in der klinischen Bewährung - klinische und wissenschaftliche Aspekte

- University Aachen
Title: Zirconoxid Implants
Team-lecture: MDT Otto Prandtner with Priv.-Doz. Dr. Michael Gahlert

- Camlog Congress Germany
Title: More Empathie for the Patient.
Lecturers: MDT Otto Prandtner, MDT Udo Plaster, MDTJosef Schweiger Jan-Frederik Güth, PD Dr Med Dent

- NGS Northeastern Gnathological Society New York
Lecture with Prof.Edelhoff: Innovative Approaches in the Rehabilitation of Complex Cases
other Lecturers Dru Belur, DDS, DMS Richard Roblee, DDS, MS Joseph Kan, DDS, MS

- Expertise Congress Germany
Title: More Empathie for the patient.
Lecturers: MDT Otto Prandtner, Hubert Schenk, Prof. Dr. Florian Beuer, Bogna Stawarczyk

- Ivoclar Expert Meeting Germany - More Empathie for the patient.
DT.Oliver Brix, Christian Hannker, Jochen Peters

Since 2014 ongoing team lecture of MDT Otto Prandtner and Prof. Daniel Edelhoff