Kathrin's Story
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Kathrin's Story:
Veneer, Onlay, Minimal invasive, Patient oriented planning, Oral function
Preparation of anterior veneer. Step-by-step demonstration
Preparation of Occlusal Onlay. Step-by-Step with OccluShaper
Treatment Team:
Dentist: Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour
MDT: Otto Prandtner
- Patient Oriented Planning
- Veneer Preparation
- Smile Transformation
- Minimal Invasive
- Oral Function


Occlusal Onlay

Coming soon

»Isn't the patient the heart
of everything we do?«
rezotto production
»Individuality, creativity and good taste
is hard to replace by a machine.«
Erik Brynjofsson+ Andrew McAfee

In the last years we have put a lot of effort into publishing evidence based articles, but we got only asked about them when somebody had the exact same problem. Or they even got sued about a similar case. It is a simple fact that we learn much better when we are emotionally involved. So we tried to get an answer for that. We wanted to make articles alive! How are we going to do that ? The patient creates the inspiration for the restoration. Research & Development are built into our working process together with opinion leaders from research, science, dental practice and laboratories. We started to make videos about patient story’s aligned with tutorials.

After that we wanted to  have easy access to courses about the content, to the utilized material in the content and Brochures to download about the content.


We share the motivation of great Dentists and Dental technicians.

Through this focus, we bring the most powerful tools, emotion and empathy into dentistry! With a visual storytelling communication tool to create reality for better understanding and learning of existing and new evidence based therapy concepts.


At first we just wanted to motivate and inspire ourselves. Now we want the same for you! rezotto production provides a platform for innovation and learning.

We understand and care about the target group because that’s who we are.


rezotto production is forward-thinking across the globe to create smart simple and sophisticated interactive experiences.

We are collaborative by nature and work closely with our clients under an agile development process.

For best results we transfer static content into visual and self-explaining stories to simplify the consumer’s learning process and tie through emotion and empathy into dentistry.

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rezottoproduction . emotion in dentistry

»A few weeks ago I was lucky to get a sneak preview of what Otto’s little secret project developed into. When I first viewed some of his favorite pieces of this idea that he had my mouth just hung open in awe. This is exactly the kind of entertaining tool that inspires great dentistry. It gives you all those tips towards resources to help take fear out of giving our patients the best options of care. I can’t wait to see how this will light a fire under the day in- day out routine dentistry provided in so many practices.«
Wendy Bernhart