Non-surgical preparation technique of the ovate pontic design


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Tips and tricks for systematic Ovate Pontic design.

Here you can see a classic Ovate Pontic which is an unsatisfactory result for us.

Our goal is to create a free gingival groove in the Ovate Pontic molding.

The molding for this is done using a 0.5mm Duran foil, which was produced according to a wax-up template and is filled with composite.

The systematic formation of the Ovate Pontic Design takes place gradually starting from the palatal with a depth of approx. 2mm. These steps are carried out once to a maximum of twice a week until the free gingival groove and the maximum pontic depth are reached.

With an optimal transfer of the formed pontic to the laboratory, the adjustment time of too much or too little pontic pressure is almost completely eliminated!

The video shows the pontic transfer so that the dental technician receives the same situation as in the patient’s mouth.

You can see the master model. The Duran foil from the patient with the shaped pontic is first tried on, then the pontic areas are generously sanded free, tested again, and the sensitive areas are blocked out and thus isolated. The remaining areas are insulated with Vaseline. A gum-colored, light-curing composite is then applied in the area of ​​the pontic and the splint is carefully isolated and reapplied to the model and light-cured. Just make very small modifications to the emergence profile and now the master model is ready to fabricate the restoration.

Another tip is that wearing the Duran splint can result in minimal movement of the neighboring teeth.

This means that a cementation guide prepared in advance can point out deviations.

For this reason we use a transparent, light-curing composite. This gives us better control over the integration.

We are now pleased to be able to tell the patient that we have created a secret for her.

I hope we were able to present the tips to you in such a way that you can implement them immediately in your treatment concept. 

Thank you your rezottoproduction team.

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