Minimally Invasive Treatment of an Ankylosed Tooth with a Ceramic Veneer

Ankylosed tooth - Minimally Invasive Treatment with a Ceramic Veneer


Liebermann, A., Edelhoff, D., Prandtner, O., Saeidi Pour, R.

Publication Date:



Minimally Invasive Treatment of an Ankylosed, Severely Discolored, and Intruded Central Incisor with a Masking Ceramic Veneer: A Clinical Report

2018 Jan/Feb;38(1):121-126. doi: 10.11607/prd.2874.

The therapy of traumatically ankylosed anterior teeth with additional root resorption presents the restoration team with a significant challenge. This requires intensive planning and communication between patient, dentist, orthodontist, periodontist and dental technician. The inadequate vertical growth of a tooth often makes dental intervention indispensable.

Despite all risk factors, including the endodontic treatment, the 3-mm intruded position, and the slight root resorption, the patient and the restorative team decided to restore the situation of the ankylosed tooth with two feldspathic ceramic veneers. The treatment goal was an esthetic, functional, time saving, nonsurgical process for the patient. Nevertheless, intense pre- prosthetic planning with a digital approach to the width-length ratio and red-white esthetics was necessary.

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