Preparation of occlusal onlays with Prof. Edelhoff and Dr. Ahlers

preparation of occlusal onlays


Edelhoff, D., Ahlers, M. O.

Publication Date:

4. May 2018


Quintessenz 69 (2018), Nr. 5  (04.05.2018)

Innovative techniques for the preparation of occlusal onlays

  • During preparation, it is typically assumed that the first step is to decide whether additional substance removal in the occlusal area is necessary. If this is the case, it should be carried out using appropriate depth markers.
  • In the further course of the procedure, a preliminary preparation is often required in appropriate cases in order to prepare the basic shape of an occlusal inlay for the partially destroyed occlusal surfaces.
  • The actual shaping should then take place. Instruments that determine the shape of the later restoration in one single step are particularly suitable for this purpose.

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