Veneers and onlays for loss of tooth structure with impaired aesthetics and function

Veneers & Onlays bei Zahnhartsubstanzverlust


Saeidi Pour, R., Engler, M.L.P.D., Edelhoff, D., Prandtner, O., Frei, S., Liebermann, A.

Publication Date:

10. October 2018


The individual wax-up as the basis of a patient-oriented treatment concept for a veneers and onlays treatment 

The wear and tear of hard tooth substance is generally a physiological process caused by normal chewing function. The influences of attrition, abrasion and/or erosion exceed a certain extent and are untypically high for the patient age in this article.

The severe loss of hard tooth substance has taken on a pathological form, making preventive measures indispensable.

Introduction to the article:

Abraded teeth and the resulting consequences are a great challenge for the dental treatment team. Generally, tooth wear is a physiological process with a small loss of tooth structure, generally ranging from 0.02 to 0.04 mm per year.

Epidemiological studies show that the prevalence of moderate tooth structure loss tends to increase with age. However, the loss of hard tooth substance can also assume a pathological dimension (“pathological abrasion”), in which the amount of hard tooth substance loss is atypical for the patient’s age. The consequences are discomfort and/or pain, functional problems and aesthetic and functional impairments.

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