Onlay Preparation – Video Tutorial by Prof. Daniel Edelhoff


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Onlay Preparation - Step-by-step guide

Find out about a minimally invasive ceramic onlay preparation with the Occlusal Onlay Preparation Kit by Komet Dental.

What you will learn in this video tutorial by Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff:

  • how to perform a minimally-invasive ceramic onlay preparation that reduces the risk of hard substance loss
  • the individual steps of the preparation: Pre-preparation, Occlusal contouring and finishing, Preparation of the oro-vestibular sides, Separation and finishing
  • the different instruments included in the Occlusal Onlay Kit by Komet Dental and their role on the onlay preparation
  • the technical details of the preparation instruments
  • the benefits of the minimally-invasive procedure compared to traditional approaches

For the restoration of worn dentition and occlusal defects in the hard substance of premolars and molars PFM crowns have long been the preferred choice of treatment.

However, the rather invasive method of preparation can cause substantial loss of hard substance which greatly increases the risk of complications such as post-operative pulpitis.

In the last years all-ceramic onlays (also called “table tops” or “occlusal veneers”) have therefore established themselves as a popular minimally-invasive treatment alternative to crowns or partial crowns. The preparation of these minimally-invasive ceramic onlays has, however, proven itself difficult with traditional instruments.

To aid the treatment with onlays, Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff and Dr. M. Oliver Ahlers have developed a preparation-kit with Komet Dental, that provides suitable instruments for the individual steps of the preparation. Watch the tutorial above for a step-by-step explanation of the ceramic onlay preparation by Prof. Edelhoff with a detailed description of the different instruments in the Occlusal Onlay Kit.

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