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The new generation of oral surgery instruments – TOUCHGRIP (NEW!)


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Newly developed oral surgery instruments

Find out more about a newly developed set of oral surgery instruments that offer new possibilities for dental surgeons.

Like every scientific field, oral and maxillofacial surgery is constantly changing and evolving. Techniques and procedures are becoming more precise and outcomes more predictable.

So far, the conventional approach to oral surgery has included specific surgical instruments for macrosurgical procedures and a different set of instruments for more delicate microsurgical procedures. But what if this differentiation is no longer necessary?What if there was a universal set of oral surgery instruments, that met the demands of both macro- and microsurgical applications?

The answer to this question: TOUCHGRIP. Dr. Otto Zuhr and Prof. Markus Huerzeler (co-founders of the Huerzeler/ Zuhr Academy) have teamed up with specialists in ergonomics and have designed a set of surgical instruments for every indication.

Challenging the principles of oral and dental surgery

The team of ergonomic specialists observed that regardless of the case on hand, the movements for macrosurgical and microsurgical procedures were the same. Dr. Zuhr and Prof. Huerzeler concluded: What works while removing a wisdom tooth also works for gingival recession treatment. The principal movements during oral surgery procedures are the same so there is no need for separate appliances.

Apart from the differentiation between macro- and microsurgical applications a widely accepted practice is the use of oral surgery instruments with a round handle that allow precise rotation movements. Surprisingly, the team of ergonomic professionals observed that not even 15 percent of all movements included rotation. The main movement was pushing and pulling. While conventional instruments may be ideal for rotational purposes, they aren’t suited for pushing and pulling during oral surgery.

The newly designed TOUCHGRIP oral surgery instruments take these findings into account and combine optimum grip and tactile responsiveness with universal usability.

Watch the tutorial with oral surgery specialist Dr. Otto Zuhr above, to see the TOUCHGRIP instruments and to find out more about the development process.

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