Innovative gingival recession treatment- Video Tutorial by Dr. Otto Zuhr


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Gingival recession treatment - An innovative approach

How to treat multiple gingival recession: Indications, Options and Techniques.
In this tutorial, international specialist for periodontology and implantology Dr. Otto Zuhr presents an update on the multiple gingival recession (gum recession) treatment.What you will learn: 

  • What is a gingival recession coverage?  A microsurgical approach
  • What are the indications for recession coverage?
  • What does the literature say about the prognosis of gum recession coverage?
  • What techniques for the treatment of gingival recession are there?

When a gingival recession is an aesthetic problem for the patient, the obvious therapy is usually surgical coverage. If, in addition to aesthetics, function is also impaired, for example due to increased sensitivity to cold, non-surgical approaches, for example from periodontology, should also be considered. If the tooth is irreversibly lost, the treatment team is expanded to include implantologists, prosthodontists and dental technicians. A multiple gingival recession therefore often requires a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

This, in turn, requires good coordination among the treating physicians in order to provide the patient with the most efficient and uncomplicated treatment possible.

Planning in a the team (Prosthodontist / Periodontist / Dental Technology)

  • Possible preservative treatment options
  • The Modified tunneling technique – Step-by-step
  • Stabilization of the vertical dimension (vertical and horizontal)
  • Long-term provisionals for stabilization
  • Implementation of the definitive restoration

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