Option to Prevent Ceramic Chipping of Veneers

Preventing Ceramic Chipping in Dental Restorations

A Veneering Option to Prevent Ceramic Chipping.

Saeidi Pour R, Edelhoff D, Rafael CF, Prandtner O, Frei S, Maziero Volpato CA, Liebermann A.
2017 Jul/Aug;37(4):561-569. doi: 10.11607/prd.3043.

Chipping of veneering porcelain is the most frequent complication in all ceramic restorations with zirconia frameworks. In cases of major chipping, replacement of the affected restoration may be necessary.

Complications after the placement of implant supported fixed dental prostheses occur over time as a result of fatigue and stress. High strength ceramics offers new options to serve as veneering material in a sintering technique with zirconia frameworks.

In conclusion the purpose of three case presentations here was to describe the use of lithium disilicate ceramic on zirconia frameworks.

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