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anaxdent Dental Impression Materials (Putty) – For your Precise Mock-Up

Fast and more precise than digital impressions – With the modeling silicone index from anaxdent, you can create lifelike mock-ups without the loss of information in translation.

-Advantages and application presented by MDT Otto Prandtner-


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Matrix Form 60 and new Matrix rush 85 - our preferred dental silicone

Ideal for transferring a wax-up to a mock-up


  • Matrix Form 60 silicone curing putty
  • Matrix Flow 70 clear auto-curing silicone
  • Duran Folie 0.5 mm or 1 mm

How we use it:
The Matrix Form 60 is used to create a placeholder for the Matrix Flow 70 for creating a clear Mock-up. We surround the Matrix Flow 70 (shore hardness of 70) with a 0.5mm Duran foil for an accurate reposition in the mouth and to  support the  transparent, auto-curing silicone.

Its easy handling, excellent flowability and additional stability ensure a simple matrix construction and quick polymerization of light-curing materials. The high-transparency of Matrix Flow 70 Clear ensures predictable polymerization of any kind of composite.


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Working steps for a laboratory or practice made modeling silicone index

Mock-up for autopolymerizate

Therapeutic Mock-up Index with the use of an autopolymerizate based on BIS acrylate is used among other things for the fabrication of temporary restorations.

It is an addition-cured 1:1 modeling silicone which is suitable for model wax-up impression taking and can be disinfected without any restrictions.

The advantages of Matrix 60:

  • unique precision with high tensile strength
  • easy trimming with a scalpel
  • the Shore hardness of 60 allows high flexibility with optimal recovery
  • leaves no residue on the model surface
  • no drying out of the material due to the high proportion of silicone oil therefore biologically well tolerated, water repellent and largely insensitive to temperature.

The advantages of Matrix 85 rush (NEW):

  • the high Shore hardness of 85 enables improved stability and faster curing
  • bonds well with the precise Matrix 60 material

Click here for the working steps as a PDF!

„Matrix 60 is by far the best 1:1 modeling silicone that I, Otto Prandtner, know of.”

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