Veneer preparation – Video Tutorial by Prof. Daniel Edelhoff [Coming Soon]

Veneer Preparation Video Tutorial

Veneer Preparation - Step-by-step

"What is minimally invasive dentistry?" - A tutorial by Prof. Daniel Edelhoff (COMING SOON)

In this tutorial Prof. Daniel Edelhoff will explain step-by-step the process of a veneer preparation

  • Treatment planning in a team with close cooperation of the dentist and dental technician for the tooth preparation
  • Systematic material-appropriate preparation
  • Innovative preparation instruments for veneers and occlusal onlays
  • „What is minimally invasive dentistry?“ – Through the eyes of Prof. Daniel Edelhoff
  • Advantages of a minimally invasive preparation compared to the conventional preparation
  • Difficulties of the minimally invasive preparation: Procedure, bonding, etc.
  • Short wrap, medium wrap and long wrap design and when to use themĀ 

Systematic Preparation

A closer look at the preparation kit

Coming soon: The full step-by-step preparation with a detailed look at the guide pin instruments.