Veneer preparation – Video Tutorial by Prof. Daniel Edelhoff


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Veneer Preparation - Step-by-step guide

How to use the Perfect Veneer Preparation Kit by Komet Dental – A tutorial by Prof. Daniel Edelhoff

What you will learn in this tutorial by Prof. Daniel Edelhoff:

  • advantages of using ceramic veneers opposed to traditional (veneer) crowns (reduced risk of hard substance loss)
  • systematic material-appropriate preparation: pre-preparation depth marking, shaping preparation, finishing (step-by-step)
  • detailed explanations of the instruments included in the Perfect Veneer Preparations Kit by Komet Dental and when to use them

Ceramic Veneers as a treatment approach

Ceramic veneers have established themselves as a serious treatment alternative alongside the classic and more invasive forms of restoration. The originally purely labial and aesthetic treatment with veneers has meanwhile become significantly more versatile. A distinction is made here firstly between the labial veneers with different enclosures or different preparation geometries and secondly between the functional veneers on the palatal surfaces of the canines.

An important prerequisite for clinical success with ceramic veneers is the systematic, substance-conserving preparation, which is ideally melt-limited. This continues to be a special challenge.

Choosing the preparation design

While the frequently used “medium wrap design” maintains the width of the existing tooth by preserving the contact point and thus specifies the length (width-length ratio), the “long wrap design” enables considerably more variation in shape and position. The latter should therefore be used primarily for strong discoloration, diastema, extensive changes in shape, black triangles and pronounced fillings. 

In addition, the “long wrap” version is recommended for veneers in the immediate vicinity of crowns, as this enables the contact point between the two restorations to be made of ceramic.

The perfect preparation with the Veneer Kit

As treatment concepts in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry are changing the requirements for the preparation instruments are increasing. Prof. Daniel Edelhoff and Dr. Oliver Ahlers have developed a Preparation Kit with Komet Dental that meets these requirements. Their goal: to create an efficient system that only needs a minimum amount of diamonds for a perfect preparation.