Nobel Biocare Implant for Single Tooth Replacement

Anna’s Story


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Nobel Biocare Implant - Step-by-Step

Different zirconia dental implant systems have been developed for the replacement of damaged or missing teeth and two different zirconia implant designs are available on the market: one-piece restorations and two-pieces restorations.

One-piece restoration systems show high fracture resistance and expose minimal surface area susceptible for hydrothermal aging. A drawback is that the restorations (final or provisional) need to be cemented to the abutment, a procedure that can increase the plaque accumulation in this area.

The two piece restoration is a screw retained implant system such as the NobelPearl™ ceramic implant by Nobel Biocare shown in the video above.

Fractured tooth diagnosis for Nobel Biocare Implant Treatment

Diagnosis: Fractured anterior tooth

The patient presented a fractured single central tooth with a chronic apical periodontitis.

The clinical examination revealed a raised probing depth of about 5 mm palatinally on the multiple endodontically treated tooth. Closer inspection showed a horizontal fracture on the palatal surface of the tooth.

Two stage implantation with the Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

Planning - Augmentation and implantation

In many areas of restorative dentistry, metal-free materials offer an alternative to metal-based restorations while ensuring high levels of biocompatibility and aesthetics.

Tooth replacement with ceramic dental implants made by ZrO2 such as the Nobel Biocare implant has become a clinical alternative for the established treatment concepts with Titanium.

History of ceramic implants:

The Pioneer of ceramic dental implants is Mr. Sami Sandhaus. His first ceramic implant was created in 1960. The name of this implant was Crystalline Bone Screw (CBS) and it was fabricated out of aluminium oxide.



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Nobel Biocare Implant Placement - Tutorial

In this tutorial Prof. Gahlert, oral surgeon from Munich and specialist for ceramic implants, guides you step-by-step through the procedure of an anterior single tooth replacement with the NobelPearl™ ceramic implant by Nobel Biocare.

Why a ceramic-based dental implant is especially worthwhile in the aesthetic zone:

Histology for the Nobel Biocare Implant made of Zirconia Ceramic


The results show bone formation directly on the Zirconia implant surface.

No statistical significant differences of RTQ values between Zirconia and Titanium implants (histologic preparation by Mrs. Petra Johansson)

Mechanical properties and biocompatibility make zirconia ceramics an adequate dental implant material.

Carbon fiber screw for a Nobel Biocare Implant

Metal-free implant connection

Hydrothermal aging and dynamic loading does not affect the carbon fiber-reinforced screw of the NobelPearl™ dental implant.

Spies BC, Fross A, Adolfsson E, Bagegni A, Doerken S, Kohal RJ (2018)

Stability and aging resistance of a zirconia oral implant using a carbon fiber-reinforced screw for implant-abutment connection (2018)


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Composite-free implant connection

A glass matrix abutment crown connection was used to have a biologically superior material.

Additional major benefits are a higher connection strength and that the dental technician is able to make color and shape adjustments at anytime even after the try-in of the implant crown.

There are two types of Hotbond implant connection materials:

  1. Zirconnect fusion at 1000º prior porcelain Build-up
  2. Hotbond fusion 12 at 760º after porcelain Build-up
Implant Placement of the Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

Implant Placement

The Osseous Zone:

Achieving the ideal position for the placement of the Nobel Biocare implant requires careful planning by the entire team. This zone is controlled primarily by the skill of the oral surgeon.

Nobel Biocare Implant Results

Nobel Biocare Implant – Result

Visible advantages for the patient:

Ceramic dental implants such as the NobelPearl™ by Nobel Biocare are soft tissue friendly and have excellent aesthetic results as a treatment concept for single tooth replacement.

Due to the ivory colour of ZrO2 implants, no grey shimmering effects are visible anymore.

Nobel Biocare Implant - Treatment Team with Prof. Gahlert and Dr. Reza Saeidi Pour

The procedure was an interdisciplinary team effort!


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The NobelPearl™ Implant - Patient's review

Find out what our patient Anna has to say about her Nobel Biocare implant treatment. (Interview in german, subtitles provided)

Anna came to us because her previously damaged tooth broke off during a professional teeth cleaning. Together we decided that the best way to achieve satisfactory aesthetic results was to use the ceramic implant NobelPearl™. Watch our post-treatment interview to hear her thoughts on the procedure and results.