The Performance of Veneers – Anterior Restorations

Ceramic Veneer (Anterior Dental Restoration)
2018;49(2):89-101. doi: 10.3290/j.qi.a39509.

Anterior restorations: The performance of ceramic veneers.

Bonding techniques in combination with tooth colored restorative materials are one of the greatest achievements in restorative dentistry.

Adhesive bonding, all-ceramics, analysis, material selection, tooth preparation , wax-up, preparation template, shade taking, veneer, anterior restorations

Ceramic veneers had long been considered to be only esthetic implements. However, their range of indications have been steadily increasing, making ceramic veneers a highly viable alternative to the classic and far more invasive forms of restorative treatment. Today these veneers are used to restore the biomechanics of the dentition. This establishes adequate function to mask highly discolored treated teeth, and for many other purposes. The present article explains the principles of modern veneer technology based on clinical examples.

 The article will also explore the longterm prognosis of ceramic veneers as reported by a number of scientific studies.

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